We are a learning company. Since 2010, we have fine-tuned our operations by using a development program called ProduktionsLyftet (the Production Hoist). The philosophy, methods, and tools stay with us, and make us a litte better day by day!



Tebex Cable Assemblies AB springs from a small consulting company, founded in 1955.

In those days, Tebex took on general engineering commissions, of which one was designing milking machinery for Alfa-Laval. The work included a broad array of cable assemblies. Another customer from the early days was Atlas-Copco, who also needed help with their cable assemblies.

In the early 1970s, the firm was converted into an independent subsidiary company. In 1976, the general consulting business was abandoned, the name was changed to Tebex Cable Assemblies, and today’s General Manager, Mr. Raymond Fernström, entered upon his duties. Today, 40 people are working for the company.



We have been ISO 9001 Certified since 1997

We are also Certified in UL, ETL and Ecovadis sustainability program.

We are always looking ahead and will also be ready with ISO 14001 Environmental management system during 2024

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